Helping the Refugees, UNICEF

Hey students and fellow teachers,

If you have heard about the Syrian and Somalian Refugee Crises and wish to help, here is the link to UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) Canada for 2017 below :

If you prefer to donate to the United Nations Children in Need, here is the 2017 link below :

For Americans, UNICEF USA is also giving emergency help, so do google their site.

For the month of March, my Essay Writing Guide Book is free for all UNICEF donors. All you need to do is email me your UNICEF donation receipt (please don’t include any credit card nos. etc.). But once you have shown a donation above $20, just let me know. Please don’t attach your UNICEF PDF receipt, just go to “Edit” in your receipt and select “Copy File to Clipboard” then paste into your email to me. Then let me know which guide PDF book you want me to send.

My previous offer was regarding the Haiti Earthquake victims. If you wish to continue to help them and have a current UNICEF donation slip for 2017, I will honor that.

Thank you kindly for your concern for those who are struggling in the world.

Michele ❤

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