LPI — Do you have to sit for this test?

Many students write to me and ask me about what the LPI requirement is for UBC and SFU. I urge you to go to their specific websites and read very carefully what these institutions specify. In many courses, a minimum LPI essay score of 5 is needed. But you may not even need to sit for the examination if you had scored sufficiently well in your grade 12 English.  You can look below for a brief explanation. If you need help, I also suggest you call the specific department (of your major) to confirm the admissions requirements.

The LPI Examination

The LPI is an English examination that helps a Canadian University to decide a student’s competence in essay writing and English usage. Quite often, emphasis is placed on the argumentative essay (300 to 400 words) to decide a student’s eligibility for first-year English courses, but  all parts of the examination has to be completed for submission.

LPI results are usually available within a month of sitting for the exam. They are forwarded to the English Department, Arts One, and the Coordinated Arts Program. Please visit the UBC LPI website to 1) ask about the requirements for your specific major or to 2) receive a Personal Score Report (a PDF file) via email.

If you received a score of level 5 or 6 on the essay section, you can keep your registered space in UBC’s first-year English courses, Arts One, ASTU 150, or the Coordinated Arts Program. If you receive a level 4 or below, (at the deadline) you will not “be permitted to remain in a first-year English course, in Arts One, ASTU 150, or in a Coordinated Arts Program”.

Below are students who don’t have to sit for the LPI —

  • Students who have had three consecutive years of full-time education in English in Canada. This must include BC Grade 12 or the equivalent and can be a combination of secondary and post-secondary education. In this case a min. of 70% is required for the English provincial examination.
  • Students who have had four consecutive years of full-time education in English in a country where the principal language is English, as determined by UBC.
  • Students with a final grade ie. school mark and government exam mark of 75% in BC English 12 or BC English Literature 12
  • Students with a final grade of (75%) English Language and Literature or Studies in Literature (ENG4U or OAC English) from Ontario
  • Students with a final grade of B or 75% (equivalent) in grade 12/senior year English in an English curriculum based school, operating in a country where English is the primary language
  • Students with a final grade of 4 (or better) in the Advanced Placement (AP) course in literature and composition
  • Students with a final grade of 5 (or better) in Standard or Higher level International Baccalaureate English A
  • Students who have finished 6 credits of first-year English or the equivalent, and can for transfer to UBC
  • Students who have attained a score of at least 5.0 on the essay section of the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Test Academic (CELPITA)

You need to be clear about the LPI examination and it’s best to go directly to and carefully read the UBC website — http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=2,19,911,0

2 responses to “LPI — Do you have to sit for this test?

  1. Do realtors from non-English speaking countries have to score a 5 for the LPI. Thank you for your essay sample and also the time you answered my other questions.

    regards Zhan

  2. teacherforabetterworld

    No you only have to attain a 4.

    For further information on the language requirements, you can refer to this website: http://www.sauder.ubc.ca/realestate/programs/licensing/re_sales.cfm#lpi

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