I graduated with a post-graduate diploma in Teaching Media Studies from Deakin University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Monash University, Australia. I have worked as a writer and documentary filmmaker for both a publishing office and a media company in Australia and British Columbia. My award winning scripts have been broadcast on CBC and CityTV, and they have been performed publicly in Canada. Armed with a Canadian TESL diploma and love for teaching writing, I have since taught IELTS, and SAT English as well as creative writing in various schools including Little Mountain Campus, Lynnwood College and Elite Educational Institute.

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  1. Hi, Would you be able to provide some examples for SAT essay topics? 😛

    Is it better for people to act quickly and expect quick responses from others rather than to wait patiently for what they want?

    Does every individual have an obligation to think seriously about important matters, even when doing so may be difficult?

    If people worked less, would they be more creative and active during their free time?

  2. teacherforabetterworld

    Hi there,

    The SAT essay markers prefer specific examples rather than generalizations such as “stock analysts” or “most students”. I notice that question 2 and 3 deal more with personal choice and liberty. Using literature or history may sometimes be difficult when answering such questions. Hence feel free to think of a personal example. eg. An older relative who has had to grapple with such an issue and then describe the outcome intelligently. With the following essay topics, these are possible support example ideas —

    1. Responding quickly topic — The New Orleans flood disaster. Firstly, weeks before the flood, when the engineers were notified that some residents had noticed large amounts of water in their garden, nothing was done to bolster the levees. (Expand on this). Secondly, when the flood occurred, FEMA sent help a little too late, leading to the deaths of a number of sick and elderly residents. (Expand on this.)

    2. Obligation to think seriously topic — This question is one of those that depends on the context. When justice needs to be served and when human rights are infringed, then each individual should take time to consider the issue. You can use “To Kill A Mockingbird” — Atticus and how the majority of Maycomb failed to consider his defense and the possibility that Mayella was lying and that Tom Robinson was innocent. For your second example, try to think of an environmental issue such as your own consideration of using energy efficient devices and lightbulbs. Why? Because after watching Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, you realized how serious an issue global warming was.

    3. Working less = Being more creative topic. Again, this depends on context. Firstly, there are many jobs that are by nature very creative such as Industrial design and even Stock Analysis. Hence one can be creative while working. Think of a real person that you can use for this argument. I often tell students to consider Steve Wozniak as he always considered computer design to be creative and never a chore. On the other hand, in today’s competitive environment, grade 10 and 11 students are not only doing school work, but also having to do A.P. subjects. This has meant that few are as fit as they were when they were in grade 8 and 9. Use a personal example like yourself as “students” is too general an example to be cited. Explain how you have neglected your own creative hobbies such as drawing or playing the piano and that your schedule doesn’t permit such luxury.

    Hope this helps. Good luck on for the SAT test.

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