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Hello fellow teachers, professionals and students

For Questions regarding English, Mathematics and Business Administration, feel free to use this blog.

This blog was started for so many reasons.

It all goes back to my former University of Monash where I was fortunate enough to be selected for a mentoring program involving work with a founder of an advertising design firm. This meant being able to work on the same projects he did except with the total freedom of making as many mistakes without getting paid! What I did receive was the wisdom of a professional with business and design experience.

I have since seen a variety of ways people “teach” others from my own experience by the grace of a National Film Board Grant and apprenticeship with media producer, Kirk Shaw to free dramatugy with former UBC lecturer, Kate Weiss.

For the last few years, I have wondered how we as teachers could do the same. Obviously we do give of ourselves as it is the nature of our profession. Also I realize how much time teachers spend preparing for class and even for private teaching sessions. Hence the idea of mentoring might be an overwhelming concept for many in our field. Hence the experiment with this — a mentoring blog — One where teachers and working professionals can share whatever their field of expertise was with students with less pressure and more pleasure! Some friends, both teachers and working professionals have kindly agreed to be fellow mentors.

I’ve also wanted to work with students in places that were under duress due to poverty (eg. our own downtown east side) or war . The blog is also open to both teachers and students from such environments.

As Obama says, “I am an optimist” . Things will turn around and improve.

All it takes sometimes is a little faith (no matter what your dogma) and a little guiding hand,